Monday Night LOL – Probably better than Monday Night Football

My title only works if you’re not a huge fan of Philly or Carolina. Of course in football you don’t lose many games due to disconnects, so come on Riot, if you ever want to be taken seriously as an “e-sport” it’s time to shore up your connection. I’m mostly just kidding but I did have fun tonight despite a Ranked threes disconnect. I learned that a level two Vayne will vanish very quickly to a Taric stun, shatter, exhaust combo paired with a Trist rocket jump and E. If you’ve ever played any of those characters you know exactly what I’m talking about and how delightful it can be. I had a great moment as Taric where our team was on the run and a Leona was dead set on killing me and taking away my oracles. I was running up the middle lane, pausing to juke into the lower brush, before she finally stunned me under my tower. I thought i was a goner but I managed to find enough mana to stun her back and juked like a boss until the tower killed her. This was made even better due to the fact that I had only 30 health left.

That game went very well for me and my buddy I was queing with, despite the fact that he (as trist) ended up getting Skarner pulled into the fountain for a lazer kill. In honor of that, I leave you with a video of a delightful Skarner pull on that shifty figure Leblanc.

2 thoughts on “Monday Night LOL – Probably better than Monday Night Football

  1. Yeah it can be frustrating having seemingly random factors ruining your game. If it only happens every 10th game, it probably makes more difference for your rating than skill in the 5v5 game that is LoL :/ So great fun, but e-sports needs a stable connection for sure. Grats to your good play, though! 🙂

  2. Thank you hinnerman! Usually my internet is pretty solid so I really can’t complain. The worst time is usually right after a new patch. At least then you know you’re suffering along with everyone else

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