Ending the weekend with Kayle

So a nice weekend was followed with a bit of LOL. I can’t say that the results of my games were fantastic but what I will do is use this as a place to plug using Kayle as a support. Would I use Kayle in all situations? Probably not. When I have been liking her is against Taric. Until Taric gets some levels Kayle can pump out a lot of damage on him and his AD carry either forcing Taric to play passively or waste his stun on Kayle, thus allowing your AD to hit or farm freely.

Post level 6 Kayle’s damage doesn’t really amount to much but the speed boost on her w and her invulnerability ultimate (if timed correctly) can still be game changers. So give her a try, and let me know if you have any non traditional supports that you enjoy playing.

4 thoughts on “Ending the weekend with Kayle

    • I don’t do a lot of experimenting either because people tend to get nervous when you start trying out things they’re not used to. It’s a bit of a shame because it seems like you can’t try anything new until a pro has done it first lol, then everyone quickly follows suit and it’s not new any more. I’m lucky though because I have a pretty patient group of friends who are ok with me trying new things in normal games. Where do you mostly play, hinnerman? Any “crazy” builds that you like to use or wouldn’t mind trying out if you could?

      • Nice that you ask but I don’t want to try out much as I’m not able to play too often

        So I pretty much tried to estimate what heroes I’m best with, and started using mainly them. They’re really heroes that do not require a lot of skill as I want to get used to them without needing to learn fancy skillshots.

        I use the following heroes. I don’t have a preference for position. But as I tend to play jungle much because noone else wants to, I start to get OK there. I play on EU-West.

        Top: Nasus >> Cho’Gath
        Mid: Morgana >> Cho’Gath
        Bot Supp: Nunu >> Taric
        Bot AD: Ashe >> Teemo
        Jungle: Warwick >> Nunu

      • That looks like a good selection of champs. I really like the fact that you’re getting good with Cho’Gath, because he is one of those champions where you can play in so many different positions. So that way when you do get to play you can play Cho, get better with him and give yourself a champion that you can play in top jungle and mid. Nunu is another one you should try out in a bunch of lanes. People might raise their eyes if they see you take him top, but honestly, I’ve taken him top a bunch and he works really well up there (at our level) with his sustain and early damage from his ice ball. That and people just don’t know how to deal with him because they never see him up there so it surprises them a bit šŸ™‚

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