Wednesday Ranked night

So tonight we got our ranked 5 v 5 on. Somehow, we managed to go 4-0. Ok maybe i do know how ;). First two games our mid was going to get countered so we went all CLG and swapped mid and bot. Took early mid turrets, denied mid farm, won the games. Mid turret is the lynch-pin that controls the map, the earlier your team can get it down and the longer you can keep yours up the better (don’t forget to ward of course). The next two games we got helped by the other teams failing to swap characters properly (so we fought a first time lux) and not actually connecting to the game for the first 5 minutes (underfed bot = gg).

The final game of the night (ranked duo que) I did some support and me and easy, one of my regular partners in crime, did pretty good. Unfortunately mid ryze managed to feed the other teams vlad. Sona ult into a fed Vlad ult is not a pretty thing, my friends, especially with a lee and irelia waiting to follow up. So that was a loss.

And now in honor of the the amazing lee sin play I saw tonight from easy in our ranked 5’s game, who managed to kick a ryze into a maokai for one kill before dashing in on ryze for the second kill,  and the other lee who beat us badly, here’s a look at another pretty ok lee sin kick.

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