Monday November 19th games

Monday Night recap:

Long time support, first time support fiddle. Gotta say he’s a pretty fun support. Went with a Varus against a Kog Nunu and there was no way that Nunu was going to get his ult off ever. Managed a couple of good fid ults over walls to mess the other team up. Fear was good but pretty short-range so have to commit to land it

Did one ranked threes. We named our team “bushcheckface” and that actually proved to be our downfall. Got a nice early lead but the other team caught up after we checked a few bushes with our faces. Had a few good games top with teemo. Never underestimate that little guy, you can really lay down the damage. Was against a Kat who thought she was good because she could dash to me but I would shred her so badly she couldn’t come in to often. Good night on the whole, looking forward to more tomorrow.

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