IPL what now?

So if you’re like me and you like to occasionally watch people much better than yourself play LoL, you will likely find that this weekend an event called IPL 5 is going down. Just knowing this and knowing where to find it (right here) is enough for most people. However, if you want to know a little extra information let me give you a quick run-down. I will try and keep it as brief as possible because, and let’s face it, if you wanted to do a lot of reading you would just go to IPL’s site.

What is IPL? It is IGN (a big all things to do with games company)’s ProLeague tournament series. IPL 5 is the fifth tournament and will feature participants who have won qualifying tournaments on European, North American, and Asian servers plus the winners of a wildcard tournament. Oh, and team Solomid was invited because they won IPL 4

How did the qualifiers work? Teams qualified from the following regional events: North American, European, Chinese, Taiwanese, Hong Kong, SEA, Thai, Korean, Wildcard. The wildcard was 4 teams voted on by fans like us. CLG NA beat Dignitas in the end to come through. Though the format differed a little bit depending on the  region, each qualifier typically consisted of two groups of four teams. The top two teams from these groups (decided by a round robin) advanced to the playoffs where an eventual winner was determined.

What should I know about the teams? This post assumes you know a little bit about the big named teams and will try and tell you the story of the guys you might not know. You will be getting CLG NA and EU, Solo Mid, M5, your standard big names.

From Hong Kong you will be seeing team IceLand. IceLand were a group of unknowns that essentially had to play through a qualifier to get to the qualifier. Somehow, they managed to win all of their matches and even upset the more established teams to eventually make it to IPL 5. BlackBean is from Thailand and also had to qualify for the qualifiers, winning some 20 matches in a row to make it to IPL 5. Fnatic has been around, FEAR has aphromoo and Meat Playground are a bunch of guys you have probably seen sub for other teams or on the tops of the solo que charts, but they have never really won anything major.

How will IPL 5 work? Apparently they are trying out a new tournament format where all 16 teams are divided into four groups. Each team will play each other team in their group once in a one game match. The top two teams from each group will go through to the winners bracket and the bottom two will go to the losers bracket. In the winners bracket, you can lose your match and it just means you’ll go down to the losers bracket. In the losers bracket if you lose you’re done.

This format looks like it should lead to a lot of games which should be good for the fans and teams alike as hopefully it will allow all of the teams to find their rhythms. if the tournament falls behind schedule, it could also lead to a lot of player fatigue and horrible matches. 

Who’s going to win, 2hp? My money is on Azubu Blaze. Coming out of the Korean qualifiers they have already beat 3 of the best teams in the world just to get here. Most of the NA teams are in flux, CLG EU is out of practice and I think Blaze will be good enough to beat M5 and anyone else from Asia. 

So I hope you find this quick run-down useful. Let me know who you think is going to win or if there’s a team you are cheering for. Otherwise, happy watching!


2hp makes it on to a stream, and loses

So tonight’s adventures were kind of amusing. First game out I find myself thinking that the name of the other team’s mid is kind of familiar and that maybe I had seen her stream some LoL games before. Naturally, I took a quick look through twitch tv and found nothing. We proceeded to get our butts handed to us by this team.

Second game out, and praise Riot and the match making system, its the same team again. This time I definitely take a look on twitch tv and, sure enough, there she is streaming our game. So 138 people definitely watched while I got my butt kicked by Trinaa and her band of misfits (despite my best efforts to ghost her, which were actually pretty successful just done a little late).

It’s ok though because after that game we definitely made sure to avoid them, and I got to Olaf top against a Darius. I was already level two by the time he got there, and let me tell you guys, if Olaf hits two and you are only level one you are in for a world of pain. Those reckless swings will ruin your night faster than having 138 people watch you wiff on a Riven ult.

Anyways, I’m going to keep this short and sweet and try to make an actual post tomorrow. Just in the process of doing a bit of research for it. Check out Trinaa’s stream to see the replay of my epic defeat (in fairness, her and her pals were definitely a good 400 elo above us), and if she’s not your cup of tea, Hafu is also very good watching for those folks who love support.

Monday Night LOL – Probably better than Monday Night Football

My title only works if you’re not a huge fan of Philly or Carolina. Of course in football you don’t lose many games due to disconnects, so come on Riot, if you ever want to be taken seriously as an “e-sport” it’s time to shore up your connection. I’m mostly just kidding but I did have fun tonight despite a Ranked threes disconnect. I learned that a level two Vayne will vanish very quickly to a Taric stun, shatter, exhaust combo paired with a Trist rocket jump and E. If you’ve ever played any of those characters you know exactly what I’m talking about and how delightful it can be. I had a great moment as Taric where our team was on the run and a Leona was dead set on killing me and taking away my oracles. I was running up the middle lane, pausing to juke into the lower brush, before she finally stunned me under my tower. I thought i was a goner but I managed to find enough mana to stun her back and juked like a boss until the tower killed her. This was made even better due to the fact that I had only 30 health left.

That game went very well for me and my buddy I was queing with, despite the fact that he (as trist) ended up getting Skarner pulled into the fountain for a lazer kill. In honor of that, I leave you with a video of a delightful Skarner pull on that shifty figure Leblanc.

Ending the weekend with Kayle

So a nice weekend was followed with a bit of LOL. I can’t say that the results of my games were fantastic but what I will do is use this as a place to plug using Kayle as a support. Would I use Kayle in all situations? Probably not. When I have been liking her is against Taric. Until Taric gets some levels Kayle can pump out a lot of damage on him and his AD carry either forcing Taric to play passively or waste his stun on Kayle, thus allowing your AD to hit or farm freely.

Post level 6 Kayle’s damage doesn’t really amount to much but the speed boost on her w and her invulnerability ultimate (if timed correctly) can still be game changers. So give her a try, and let me know if you have any non traditional supports that you enjoy playing.

Season three item descriptions

Season three item descriptions

So if you’re like me and keep meaning to look up some of the new items that will be appearing next season and some of the changes to the old ones, you’ll find the above link quite useful as it offers screen shots of most of what you are looking for. I keep meaning to go on to the PBE to test some of this stuff out, but until then, I’m willing to let this link be my guide while I kick back and enjoy some Friday lol.

Thursday night, a ranked threes fight

So I’ve decided to skip over all of my pretty pathetic solo que’ing adventures for the day because, well, they were pretty bad and full of rage and also happened during the day which means they don’t count for my nightly recap, right? It was just one of those days where it seemed like everyone I knew was on a losing streak and no one was thrilled with it.

What I will focus on is pointing out that Teemo is currently amazing on the new threes. Ok, I have to say that I do hate Teemo as much as everyone else and I feel like a d-bag for even playing him but I’ve actually become pretty good with him. And on a map where there are no wards and narrow lanes shrooms give you a stupid level of map control. A lot of people build malady on Teemo, i actually recommend rushing beserker greaves followed by a Nashor’s Tooth and a Wooglet. Malady is good but I find you don’t often stay alive long enough to really take advantage of the magic resist shred that Malady relies on, so I like to front load all of my damage so that even If I die I will have badly hurt all the enemies first. Greaves and Nashor’s tooth offer enough attack speed anyways.

So give that a try and let me know what you think. And if there’s an awesome threes champion I should try out definitely let me know! In the meantime, how about a reminder of why we hate those annoying shrooms?